How to Know You are Ready for a Threesome – The Ultimate Guide

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Threesomes and variations

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The conversations seem endless teetering on pointless. Topics have been covered and gone over to the point as though you are feelings as though you are in a holding pattern. Along the way there have been a few meltdowns and now the agony of wanting to know if a threesome will happen. Now a quandary, pushing the subject may mean the planned threesome fails or it could mean the mind-blowing threesome you always wanted may finally happen. The one topic that is holding you back is knowing if you, as a couple, ready for a threesome?

1) Check your emotions

When thinking about a threesome, how do you feel? Do you feel anger or jealousy when thinking about having a threesome? Maybe you envision a relationship Armageddon filled with conflict, depression, and eventual loss of your spouse because of the threesome? However if you…

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Cuckold Topics: Random thoughts and advice for beginners

IN CHOOSING THE THIRD PARTY IN THE RELATIONSHIP… Food for thought– number one in the decision making, the pursuit of such a friendship, and thoughts about it must be a joint effort… In theory or in your fantasies certain things might excite or interest you but that doesn’t mean you are ready or have prepared yourself for another person becoming a part of the relationship.  These  are all the type of things that you two need discuss.

1st FULLY MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY AND MENTALLY, EMOTIONAL, AND AS A COUPLE RELATING TO THE RELATIONSHIP PREPARE… If you are serious about the cuckold lifestyle number one as a rule always remember this an individual and also the couple’s state of well-being must come first and guarded (this is where rules, discernment, using common sense, etc comes in) Before just jumping in head first into this lifestyle make sure your relationship and your mind would be able to handle this type of change. If you are unsure with you/both are ready the next paragraph should give you some helpful thoughts.

YOU (INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A COUPLE) CAN PREPARE AND WORK ON BEING READY…  Here’s a few thoughts and possible ideas to use if you feel you are not ready just yet but could be… Example if you are afraid that your fantasy once it becomes a reality will be too overwhelming use this idea- on the first day at a job or even college you get butterflies because number one it’s new and number two it’s unfamiliar. Translate it to the beginners. If your wife or husband feels uncomfortable or just unsure of their reaction suggest and brainstorm together small steps to test and see if it is really something you not only desire but it will show to be beneficially to the relationship. In small steps you can achieve this goal while also testing yourselves to see if this is what you really want. Go to a nightclub and see how you both feel about her dancing and flirting with others. Meet new people together in more laid back settings, relax, and see how you both feel if chemistry begins to spark. If you fear the complete “jump” take small steps so it gives you both a way of noticing if certain things bother you, maybe even what something you like or have interest in that you were unaware of, or if you are ready for cuckolding at all. 

Now with all that being said everyone’s different… so in some nice parting words for now… enjoy your adventure


Cuckold Training Tips

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Cuckold Training Tips –

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Although not mandatory, it is common practice to expect the Cuckoldress to receive many more sexual experiences than her cuckolded counterpart. The reasons for this are simple, as the Cuckoldress will have multiple lovers while the cuckold will not, and also because it is generally an accepted practice for the Cuckoldress to have sexual superiority over her cuckold, even to the point of deciding when (or if) her cuckold is lucky enough to be permitted direct sexual contact for the purpose of achieving orgasm. 

Some Cuckoldresses enjoy seeing their cuckolds achieve sexual gratification through direct contact on a regular basis, while others take a completely opposite approach to a cuckold’s orgasms. The path that is ultimately chosen should be decided through obtaining input from both parties, and needs to be carefully explored over the course of time to ensure compatibility…

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Communicating and discussing cuckolding with your significant other pt. 1

We have walked and continue walk down this road ourselves. In our own journey we have learned and re-learned some important things… While we have many more to learn here are the few pieces of advice that help discussing the topic and also discern as a couple if you think this lifestyle is for you…

This will be a three to four part series… each having pieces of advice scattered in each…

let’s start with the basics-

Honesty and full disclosure- Now if dishonesty is a turn on for you please disregard this piece of counsel… Honesty all the way through for both parties is the best.  Dishonesty in many situations once you enter into the lifestyle can damage or completely destroy your relationship. For example let’s say a man doesn’t tell his wife about certain things he is against after entering into this kind of relationship and she does one of those things he didn’t mention. That’s full disclosure. On the flip side what if a woman in the lifestyle with her husband/partner dated certain other men without her partner’s knowledge? This is all why full disclosure and honesty while in the cuckold lifestyle or pursuing it is the only safe path to travel.

Communication time- This is so important… When you two spend time together and you both think it’s right make sure you dicuss your wants, needs, desires, fears, and ideas with your partner. Make them more pointed. When you both discuss these things do it in a positive atmosphere and also which is very very important— make sure you Listen and Pay Attention to each other.

Above all else in your talks together if you leaning towards a yes… Make sure you are ready-  Consider your relationship, it’s health,  what your personal lives are like… all these are very important things to consider when making decisions concerning your relationship